January is the doorway to the new year, when people (including myself) still start their new year’s resolutions, knowing that they might succeed in at least one of them. It’s a fantastic month to do….well….nearly anything of a mystical nature, especially those things which are just beginning or that you want to begin.

Beginnings are fucking awesome, and although many of you loathe change, I think that even you would agree that when things are new, when they are just beginning, there’s this feeling that’s fresher than Mentos.  That right there is the feeling which contributes to the energy put into the mystical work that you’re doing this month.  

So get up, get off of your hungover ass, and have a chat with the universe, with the divine and the spirit worlds, with your guides and your gods, your ancestors and your angels, your demons and your dreams….get to work on your spiritual shit this year while you’re working on your mental and physical shit. Or as one of my favorite folk saints Timothy Leary once said, “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out”

Wait, wait, that did NOT mean to drop out of life or school or work….just maybe drop out of the shit shows that you just don’t need to be a part of. Turn yourself on, tune into each other. Or turn each other on and tune into yourself….whatever you need, tap into that shit, it’s your power….you decide how you’re going to use it.

And as for January, we have the zodiac signs of Capricorn and Aquarius, based on the Sumerian god Enki and the Greek hero Ganymede, respectively. The birth flowers are the pink Carnation which represents undying motherly love, as well as love and devotion, no matter the relationship, while Galanthus or Snowdrop represents hope. The birthstone is one of my personal favorites, the Garnet, used for enhanced feelings, protection, awareness, and creativity.

January is sacred to these deities and so every day this month is super potent for working with any of them.






So I wish each of you a blessed 2019. Last year sort of sucked balls for many, and many began waking up and realizing that they can make things better….that’s a powerful moment. This year, let’s keep it up and make our world a better place, make ourselves better people, and help each other be better as well.

Much love and many blessings.


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