Eating the Young

I’ve had argument after argument, with people who feel like “Millennials” are just the bane of America. Now, I get it, as we get older, we tend to look at the younger generations with a bit of confusion, curiosity, a touch of envy, and all of that can lead to some xenophobia. However, if we take a step back and realize that the younger generation isn’t our enemy, we’ve been through similar life experiences, they are who we once were.

A moment occurred in an anime that I watch, in which an older male character had his ass handed to him by a young boy, and the older antagonist had a moment that he did some introspection and realized that he had lost some of the passion, the drive, the simplicity of just starting out, just beginning, that his opponent still possessed. Moments like these happen often, because it happens in life. There are those who realize that not only can the older generations teach the younger ones, but the younger ones have something to teach their elders.

We often dismiss that though, we see it in the media, in public, even in our schools, this disdain for those born between 1982 and 2004, the headlines reading that they’re ruining everything.

But look around, that’s not true at all, these are our children and grandchildren, their friends, they are the ones who show us how to use our phones, introduce us to new ideas, help us move forward with time, instead of rotting in the stagnant past. Oh sure, they don’t say ma’am and sir, and they don’t do things the way that we used to do them, but is that a bad thing? These are the ones who are fighting every day to stay afloat in a sea of depression, anxiety, underpaid jobs, overpriced everything, bullying in person and trolling online, politics that don’t make sense, social separations that cause more damage than a blade and all of this is going on while they are shamed when they need to lean on their elders, the exact people who they should be able to lean on.

I’m not a psychologist, I’m not a sociologist, but I am the spiritual advisor to the world, so I see this shit happening, this seemingly acceptable discrimination and bigotry towards the young and it is heart-wrenching. I am surrounded by these “Millennials,” that just don’t fit this imagined negative picture that’s painted. They are no different than any other generation, made up of individuals, to be understood without previous prejudice of their age. The spirit and divine worlds aren’t sitting there shaking their heads in judgment on the youth of the world, but they are certainly wondering when the fuck the elders of society stopped wanting to do our part to lift the younger up to surpass us, to be better than us, to follow their dreams even if those dreams don’t align with our own. We are human, as humans, we are not supposed to eat our young, so why is it happening, when we could be so much stronger, so much better, if we were loving them instead?

What do you think? What amazing, wonderful, beautiful people in the Millennial age group do you know? What have you found to be true about them, that you haven’t found in previous generations? What impresses you about them? What do you respect about them? What qualities do they possess that you are gently envious of?

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