Complaints Department

Although I love to bitch about things, it’s primarily for the drama of it. Oh…wait….yeah that’s why I do almost everything in life. So I absolutely understand the appeal of complaining. In many situations, just the freedom to complain, whine or bitch about something, makes us feel better.

Then there are those who are always bitching about something. There is always something that they’re pissed about, always something not up to their standards, always something to complain about. Apparently, in their world, nobody will do what they want, nobody listens to them, nobody respects them, and life just fucking sucks big hairy nuts.

Those of us who know them, know that their lives are not that bad, simply put, it’s life….sometimes life is awesome and sometimes the universe forgot to put some sweetening in that lemonade, it just happens.

Just like everything in life, it has to be a bit of a balance, including our complaints. Are we also making a genuine effort to be grateful for what we do have, what we have received, who we love, who loves us, or even that we’re still alive and kicking? Don’t get me wrong, like I said, I love a good bitch-fest, almost as much as I love some juicy gossip, but I don’t want to bitch all the time, I want to celebrate my life, celebrate your life, and complaining can often become exhausting.

I’m fascinated by the mystical work of others, their prayers, their requests of the universe, of the gods, when all they do is bitch and complain, “why me?”

Why not you?

Who are any of us in comparison to each other when it comes to how the universe, the spirit world and the divine world see us? The human prejudices and favoritism doesn’t work in those aspects, so why not you? Why not me?

When my mother died, one of my sisters asked me, “why her? why couldn’t God have taken a bad person instead?” I said, “did you think that she was a good person? She was just a person. She did shitty things and she did awesome things. We love her no more than anyone else loves someone who just happened to not die that day. Why not her?”

We can complain to our hearts’ content. We can bitch and moan and lament until we are blue in the face and all cried out. We can file complaints about minor transgressions and be angry whenever we don’t get what we want. We can see our lives through shit-smeared glasses. We can ruin days and bring down the moods of everyone around us, we can get them all riled up along with us.

Or we can stop, inhale and think, “do I really fucking want to bitch about this? do I want to feed it with more negative energy? or do I want to skip complaining today and just be….content.

It’s true, the universe does have a complaints department. The gods and the spirits do as well. In that department, the representatives who will be assisting you are standing by to take your call…and they know whether it’s a legitimate complaint, or if you’re just being a negative Nancy. They also make bets on how often you’ll sincerely complain, the loser has to take a shot…the gods are idiots when they’re drunk.

So the next time you want to bitch about something, make sure that it’s a legit need to complain…and that you’re not acting like an entitled asshole. The drunken gods love to fuck with entitled assholes….and not in a nice way.

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