Nothing to Wear

Yet another morning in which I stand at the closet and stare at the wall to wall thrifted clothes, my extensive wardrobe of every style under the sun, including some that I probably won’t wear much.

“I’ve got nothing to wear goddamnit!”

My exclamation at least twice a week, on those days when nothing seems to fit. It’s not that it doesn’t fit my body, after all, I tried them on, they fit, but they just don’t fit my mood.

Our costumes, the clothes that we wear, the cosmetics that we apply, the haircuts we get, the scents we wear…costumes that we wear, representing so many different things, whether how we want to appear to colleagues, friends, family, enemies, the public and the private, or how we feel or want to feel that day, an advertisement of our moods, our determination, our apathy.

It’s true, the cover of the book certainly is nothing to judge the story by, but it certainly contributes to who picks up the book.

There are those days that you really do feel like there is nothing to wear, everything that you pick out, everything that you put on, just doesn’t work. Why? Who are you today? What do you want to advertise? What are you feeling, thinking, remembering?

Do you want people to leave you alone or embrace you? Do you need to relax or do you need to get pumped up? Your costume can enhance or detract from what you represent each day. Taking a test? Wear some yellow! Going after a raise? Don’t look like San Lazaro. Needing a mood boost? Wear bright colors but lightweight fabric. Pick an era that you like, wear those styles and colors for a week. Is there a culture that you respect? Pull from that culture for an extra connection to humanity.

There are so many ways that what we adorn the covers of our stories with, gives us a way to exhibit on the outside, what our spirits are feeling on the inside.

So….what are you wearing!?!

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