The Doctor

I have a thing for doctors. I’m not sure whether it’s actually the job though, I think that it’s more of the title, the label of doctor. Doctor Who, Doc Holliday, Doctor Lecter, Doctor Dolittle, Doctor Jekyll, Doctor Carl Jung and of course Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.

Oh sure, I like doctors who make me feel better, but more often than not, I like the doctors who shake shit up.

Think about it, you’ve gone to school for your doctorate in….whatever. You’ve worked harder than a hooker during the Indy 500, you’ve spent more on education than Imelda Marcos spent on shoes, so you could just sit back and rest on your laurels, do your job, make your money, but instead…you are going to rock the world like the baby that it is.

Of course, the fact that Doctor King had his doctorate in theology makes him even more impressive in my eyes. All he had to do is preach. Look at some of our televangelists and better known ministers. They’re not out there shaking shit up, most of the time, they’re just showing off what their congregations spent to buy their way into Heaven.

But Doctor King didn’t do that. He didn’t stay in the safety of his congregation. He believed that “perhaps the worst sin in life is knowing right and not doing it.” He spoke, he traveled, he shook shit up. He stood up against those who hated him, and against those who loved him, and he made a difference in the world that I’m sure that he never expected to make. Even after his assassination, his words still move mountains, and more importantly, they move minds and hearts.

The origin of the word doctor means teacher. There are many things that a doctor can do with their title. There is a modicum of respect attached to that label. It brings with it the ability to speak and have others listen. Doctor King spoke on behalf of and in defense of humanity. He taught peace and he taught inclusiveness. He taught about love and about brotherhood. People listened and the tide of a nation…no…of the world, was turned for the better.

What have doctors taught you in your lifetime? If you possess the title of Doctor, what have you used that for? How are you teaching and what are you teaching to those who are paying attention?

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