Mother’s Day

My mom’s been dead for a few years now so I don’t really celebrate it. My kids wish me a happy Mother’s Day, I think they’ve take me out a couple of times, but they both know that it’s just not really my thing.

I love being a mother, it’s the most precious label I wear, my favorite cells in my body. But I have royally fucked up as a mother. I don’t necessarily grasp the concept I suppose. I always just saw my daughter as a mini-adult, and I didn’t raise my son, so my idea of motherhood, parenthood…is just strange.

Is it our jobs to make sure that our children are safe? Well duh, but it’s our jobs to make sure that all children are safe. Is it a parent’s job to make sure that their children are healthy? Yeah, but again…it’s an adult’s job to make sure that all children are healthy. I mean, everything that I can think of that is being a parent is sorta pertinent to being a human adult.

Emotional attachments…there we go, it is the emotional attachment, so in that case, I’m a fucking awesome mom, because I obsessively love my children. I do not feel that way about your children….trust me.

Yet still, I do in fact, love your children. Primarily because they’re human, but also because of their potential. Everything about them is potential. Potential is on my ‘favorite things’ list, so you can see why I love them…

Some of them will surpass all of the fucking shit that they go through. They will not be broken, they will not become hard or cruel, but they will rise in an epic Maya Angelou rise and they will not become what life has shaped them to be…they will become something better, they will create themselves from the bits and pieces that they have loved.

Some of them will break.

Some of them will leave you behind.

Some of them will cling to you.

Some of them will hate you.

Some of them will forgive you.

May your sins against your children have been forgivable.

May your children be forgiving.

May we remember that they are all our children

and may we always be better mothers than we think that we are.

A blessed Mother’s Day to you.

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