after all of the work that Anne Boleyn put into making sure that she was queen, rather than royal mistress, it must have been a blow, not so much that her psychotic husband was having her put to death, but that he had the marriage annulled a few days before her murder.

sometimes it feels the same, like an annulment, no matter what relationship is ending, or how it’s ending. sometimes our hearts are so broken, so beat the fuck up, that it feels like the other person is trying to erase the time that you’ve been together. sometimes all you can think about is, “please let me forget” because the memory, the suffering, is so bitter. and sometimes you want to annul it, the entire thing, from the beginning to the end, just make it disappear.

we are…genuinely the sum of our experiences, so if you rid yourself of that experience, what do you rid of yourself? what part of the glory that is you, ceases if you never had that experience?

the word annulment is defined as an obliteration, a cancellation, to nullify, to make nothing. but it was something, wasn’t it?

once upon a time, you wanted each other, for whatever reason, you made the decision to marry, live with, bang each other and it happened. it can’t be unmade, we haven’t figured out how to go back in time and change our choices. when we do, i’m first in line to stay active and not become a chunky monkey.

just kidding. i probably wouldn’t do anything different. you probably wouldn’t either.

douche-bag Henry VIII had his marriage annulled because he fell out of love, because he wanted to marry again, because he wanted to be able to put his wife to death without repercussions, and of course, because he was a cunt.

but his marriage to Anne Boleyn didn’t get obliterated. their daughter that was once deemed illegitimate by his royal ass, became one of THE badass rulers of Great Britain.

so whether you’re the one who wants to forget, whether you are the one who is feeling forgotten, remember….it happened. it happened and you are more because of it. what did you get out of it? how are you different than before? what can you do with that?

what badass ruler of your world…has this birthed?

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