1. Short and Sweet Interview with a Short and Sassy Interviewee

M: So, tell me, do you consider yourself spiritual?

A: No, but you knew that.

M: Do you ‘believe’ in anything that can’t be seen or scientifically proven?

A: Yes

M: So give me some detail on that.

A: WTF, I knew that was coming.

M: LOL, it is an interview dork

A: With my dad, he was seeing things that I couldn’t, he kept saying “it’s right there behind her in the hallway”

M: So you believe that there are spirits of some sort around us?

A: Yes

M: Do you believe that there is a deity or deities? A higher power of some sort?

A: Yes, I learned all this from you and your posts.

M: Charmer! Thank you, but I know that you were raised Catholic, when you were a child, did you believe that there was a higher power?

A: Nope, I wasn’t hard-core Catholic.

M: And knowing your parents, I do know that they were always more based in facts and science, do you feel as if that was part of it?

A: I guess

M: So you just never really put much thought into it?

A: No

M: As people get older, they often think more about spirituality, one way or another, either striving to be more spiritual or abandoning traditional spiritual beliefs or practices. Do you find yourself thinking more about spirituality or less as you get older?

A: I’m gonna say less

M: Do you get push back for that from friends or family?

A: No

M: Do you have any thoughts about spirituality that you’d like to share with the readers? Any personal thoughts?

A: Nope

M: Okay well thank you so so so so so much for your time and I love you berry much and many blessings!

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