I fucking hate bloodline curses.

I’m not even kidding.

Do you fucking know how hard it is just to alleviate the symptoms of a bloodline curse? Because Lord knows, it’s practically impossible to remove.

And sure, sometimes it’s deserved, the bloodline is tainted by fathers and sons who rape, by mothers and daughters who kill, by brothers and sisters who bask in cruelty.

More often than not though…there’s a fucking ancestor to blame. And more often than not, there’s someone else’s ancestor to blame as well.

Because the sins of the father are not the sins of the son, the horrors that one commits is not a burden than their descendants should bear.

Most of my favorite films are classics. One of those is the 1958 version of The Long Hot Summer. I remember when I first saw it and thought, “wait, they’re being mean to him because his dad was a barn burner. huh?”

I mean, I suppose if there are those who can ride the coattails of their parents, their ancestors, their name, their lineage, then I suppose it would work both ways, but when a curse is aimed at an entire bloodline, an entire lineage, to weigh heavy on each generation, the caster has to remember that there are multiple possibilities, here are only a few,

If the curse is not righteous, then the fallout on your own soul and your own lineage can be monumental.

It is entirely possible that the energies could align properly and someday, your descendant may need the descendant of your enemy, and the curse will affect your descendant like second hand smoke.

Bloodline curses often fail, but ALWAYS take payment.

So…for those of you considering a bloodline curse, hating an entire genetically connected people, wishing ill on DNA, I will say what I always say…when the consequences of your actions come around….I’m charging a ten percent “I told you so” fee.

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