Rough Riders

I’m a little bit of a neat freak. I like when my colors work, prints complement, room is clean and carpet vacuumed. Now…I am not as bad of a neat freak as many people I know. Chaos is my comedy, so I do like my decor to reflect that, but I don’t like dirt. I don’t like being dirty.

Therefore, I am fascinated by people who don’t mind getting dirty. Now, I don’t mean spiritually dirty, those who are offensive to humanity. I mean those rough riders, the ones who get down and dirty. You can’t just say it’s the cowboys and cowgirls, you can’t just say that it’s the contractors and construction workers, it’s just a type of person, dirty dishes in the sink but a happy partner. Kids covered in mud but happy as fuck. They ride life roughly, their tribe is genuinely their tribe. They know each other, they recognize each other. Whether it’s the perpetual dirt under the nails, or the sweat smears on their necks…

But we…the others…we recognize them as well. Oh sure, there are those who revile them, and those who revere them…and then there are those of us, who simply wonder how much fun it must be, and we smile enviously, as we run the vacuum one more time just to make the neat little rows.

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