I like sounds.

Now that’s not to say that I don’t also like silence.

But when you start losing your range of hearing, you start to put some thought into the sounds that you hear and don’t think about.

Some of my favorites, I’ve noticed…laughter…that’s my absolute favorite sound, and I don’t care if it’s a baby laughing or a creepy cackle. Geese, trains, deep voices. The various languages of the world, I never understood the “speak English” argument, because I just want to sit there and drool at people when they start speaking another language.

Water sounds, ocean movement, rivers, creeks, and of course, the bathtub filling up.

White noise, marching or tapping, in fact, I still love marching bands and tap dancers.

Certain voices resonate nicely in my ears, in my head, others not so much.

I love the sound of rain…from inside.

I love the sound of traffic…still a city girl.

The sound of machines, drills, printers, the hydraulics of some equipment, all pleasant cacophonies as far as I’m concerned.

The sounds of some words… Grandma, the various names that my loved ones have for me, the words fuck and yes.

Cop knocks, fire trucks, airplane engines and humming. Sneezes, nails clicking on keyboards, piano tuning.


What do you hear?

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