Dear Lovers,




Thank you my lovers, it’s funny, I suppose, although perhaps, maybe, a little sad. I spent eighteen years believing that sexuality, sex and every little thing connected to it was one of two things. It was for procreation, thereby divine, or it was filth, animals rutting in the mud.

And yes, I lost my virginity in order to successfully breed with a redhead. What?! Don’t look so shocked, there are fucking clinics that charge good money to play God. I did it for free and He was very proud of my ingenuity.


Everything changed. I became a mother. It made me feel powerful and beautiful and something that I’d never really felt before. It made me feel like my body, every crevice, every orifice, every nerve and muscle and bone and cell and hair and vein was mine, all of a sudden I felt like my body did not belong to a god, a parent, a lover, a child, it was my flesh and it wanted to feel. It wanted every sound every sensation and it wanted to languish under every sense and find every single pleasant one and play it over and over and over again.

Then there was you.

and you and you and you and you

and less than most might think but more than anyone knows,

you, my lovers have fulfilled that need to curl up on that rock, under that sun, and each of you have allowed me to wrap myself up, in that sensation that is you.

So thank you.

And what have your own lovers taught you?

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