I am an idolater. An unapologetic one, at that.

I love my idols. The good ones, the bad ones, the ones that it is sometimes difficult for me to admit that I idolize.

But that’s a problem, isn’t it?

When those idols fall off of their fucking pedestals and we are left screaming in our heads, because why didn’t we know, why didn’t we see who they really were? How could we not see that our idols were no different than anyone else.

However, why were they up there in the first place? Why do we cease to see our idols as mortal, flawed flibbertigibbets who probably didn’t want to be anyone’s idol in the first place? Why do we weigh down our favorite athletes, artists, musicians and dancers, philosophers and life coaches with the burden of living up to our unrealistic expectations?

Why can’t we value what it is that we love, respect, admire about them, but still recognize that they are still human, they can fuck up. They don’t need to be on some gilded pedestal for us to enjoy and that way, when we find out that they’re human…it’s not such a let down.

Who has fallen off of the pedestal that you had them on? Were you ever able to admire, love or respect them again? If so, what did it take?

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