January First and I Fucked Up Two Hours Into It.

I didn’t really set New Year Resolutions. I’m lying. I just decided to call them goals this year. I have been following shit tons of those social media gurus of organization, and I have broken down my goals. You don[‘t want to know all of them….trust me. You know that I can go on forever.

Mind…my guides feel that I have put shit tons of work into my spiritual life, but by comparison, have ignored my mental health, embracing my shit behaviors with excuses of Piscean, Latina, the eldest, Menopausal and my all time fave, “because I wanted to” and I found that I didn’t want to anymore, I didn’t want to continue with the fuckery in my brain that I would despise in others. So I will be doing some work on my mental health with the help of professionals who handle mental health, NOT religious teachers, leaders, advisors who handle the spirit.

Body…admittedly, every year I say that I’m going to lose weight. Every year I say that I am going to go to the Halloween party as Sally Bowles ala Liza, and every year I do fuck all about my shape.

This has been said to mean that I really don’t have an issue with my physique, or else I’d do something about it. True. So this year, I am simply going to live a bit healthier.

Spirit…since I seem to be doing a satisfactory job with my spirit, I decided to add to my knowledge in all things spiritual, which this year means palmistry. So I am going to be learning palmistry and adding it to my services when I feel that I have learned enough to do so.

So yes, I did fuck up and have nearly a whole pot of coffee again, but I did drink water….almost 16 ounces!

January has so many cool things about it, whether because it is the first month, the month of doorways and gateways, of Janus, the Roman god of transitions, passages, and every January, he reminds us that every fucking day is a new chapter, well every year gives us the opportunity to fill it up with things we love. It is a month of my favorite gemstone the Garnet, as well as Snowdrops for the flower of the month, I mean, how can I not love a flower that represents hope…and every January, we hope….we hope that this year….shit’s gonna be better, brighter, bolder and brilliant. We hope that the universe has our back and that our angels have learned how to keep up.

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