Closure…or were you born in a barn?

like most parents, mine were regularly using adages about closing things…specifically doors. the reasons that most parents remind us to close doors are numerous, from the cost of the cool air or the heat getting out, to critters and bugs getting in, but the lesson is clear, close the fucking door behind you.

why do we get caught up in the idea of holding on? why do we get caught up in heading on over that bridge, and sure maybe you might not want to light fire to every bridge you cross, but maybe don’t keep the fucking door open, maybe close that bitch, lock it the fuck up and walk away…turn away and don’t be like Lot’s wife, what the fuck are you looking back for? that door…there’s a reason you walked through it, why you exited, why you needed to shut it behind you and now, you’re looking back at it like it’s a fucking dish of the most amazing flan. fuck that.

you weren’t born in a barn.

or maybe you were.

but I’ve known enough people who were born in a barn, to know that they too, know that you’ve just gotta shut that goddamned door behind you.

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