Kismet or maybe that mother fucker Cupid

Many years ago, I was driving past a Union Gospel Mission, a guy walked out in front of the car, and if you’ve ridden with me, you know that jaywalking is my trigger and I will scream bloody murder when that jaywalking could have made me a killer.


I didn’t scream.

I stopped and made eye contact with the guy who slowly sauntered in front of my car, while cars behind me honked and angrily drove around me and the pedestrian who now stood in front of my car, our lusty smirks challenged each other’s grit.

And in any other case, oh good God, Baby Jesus in Heaven above, I would not have even blinked in most cases. I would have kept eye contact with that beautiful man until the fine looking local police came and arrested us for public indecent telepathic molestation while blocking traffic.


It was like time stood still. It was ethereal, hypnotic and way too much weird “this is meant to be” energy, and I will face off with Death any day of the fucking week, but I will not play Chicken…with that fucking asshole Cupid.

You see…a lot of folks like to get everyone believing that it’s destiny, kismet, it is the mother-fucking prophecy, you met the person of your dreams, the fire in your loins, and you just know that it was the gods, the guides, the grandparents and Gaia, whew….

And you mean to tell me that you aren’t even going to question, I mean, are you sure it isn’t just the arrows of Cupid?

Mother fucker fell on his own arrow…just saying.

And I sat there, both hands on the steering wheel, and I looked at this beautiful specimen of human and I knew that this was a human that I could feasibly get all caught up in, like a net, and I’m a fish, flopping all over, not being able to breathe….all…because…I didn’t move.

And I am telling you, my whole life flashed before my eyes and I realized, if I spoke to him, like I would at any other time, it would not be like any other time.

You see, something that people don’t realize about destiny, fate, kismet…or even the gods, guides, grandparents and Gaia…we don’t have to listen, we don’t have to take the straight line, the fastest route or the suggested directions.

We can make the universe work harder to make us believe.

We can close our eyes, breaking eye contact and drive away, reaching up to move the rear view mirror, so that we won’t be tempted to look, flipping off Cupid just in case.

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