Closure…or were you born in a barn?

like most parents, mine were regularly using adages about closing things…specifically doors. the reasons that most parents remind us to close doors are numerous, from the cost of the cool air or the heat getting out, to critters and bugs getting in, but the lesson is clear, close the fucking door behind you. why doContinue reading “Closure…or were you born in a barn?”

Kismet or maybe that mother fucker Cupid

Many years ago, I was driving past a Union Gospel Mission, a guy walked out in front of the car, and if you’ve ridden with me, you know that jaywalking is my trigger and I will scream bloody murder when that jaywalking could have made me a killer. But… I didn’t scream. I stopped andContinue reading “Kismet or maybe that mother fucker Cupid”

Wicked Witch

I was watching a documentary about Mark Twain while I texted with my friend, half-listening to the story behind the legend and honestly, I’m not a fan. I’ve never been a fan and though I love to read, I considered pulling my own tooth just to get out of reading another page of that sweet,Continue reading “Wicked Witch”