GODCHECKER.COM is one of my favorite websites.  In my site, I primarily list the deities with whom I’ve worked, experienced or studied.  However, GODCHECKER.COM is full of deities which are more obscure, as well as the better-known ones.  Not only do they offer a more comprehensive list of deities than any website I’ve come across before, but the writer/s of the information is also absolutely hysterical.  The research put into the information is awesome and there is an option to donate to the owners of the site, and I highly recommend that you donate, even if it’s a little, to any website that makes life easier for you, even if it’s just information.  

CHANI NICHOLAS is the only astrologer whose horrorscopes I read with any regularity and seriousness.  She is insightful and thorough and exhibits a nice blend of Jungian interpretation and light-worker approach to her horoscopes.  She too has a donate button on her site….remember, donating to individuals who are working to make the world a better place, such as those who offer spiritual guidance in an ethical manner, can be used as offerings in mystical work.

Ask most readers and they will tell you that it’s difficult to read for oneself.  It isn’t impossible, nor is it dangerous, it’s just difficult.  We tend to interpret the readings for ourselves in a more biased way, no matter how hard we try to keep it legit.  So many of us choose to use a book when reading for ourselves.  However, many of the books that come with decks are simply vague interpretations of the traditional meaning of each card.  TAROT MADE EASY by NANCY GAREN is the one book on my shelves that I’ve replaced three times.  Garen breaks down each card into categories, which allows the reader to focus on the primary question or placement of the card in the spread.  Years of using this book have shown me that her interpretation and break down of each card is about as accurate and specific as you can get with any book out there.  There is no extraneous verbiage, everything is concise, and it is easy to reference when you just can’t get to the marrow of a reading.   

In addition to having awesome hair, Judika Illes puts out compendiums of mystical information, enormous, inclusive books about mystical legends, ancestral magic, world myths and for those of you who love lists as much as I do, loads and loads of lists to aid, guide and inform anyone from dabblers to pros in the spiritual fields.  She is one of two authors that I recommend to anyone who is on the quest for mystical information with historical and scientific information connected to the spiritual work.  Her books include Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells, Encyclopedia of Spirits, Encyclopedia of Mystics, Saints & Sages, and others that I don’t have so I can’t review, but these three are amazing and I reference them regularly.

For those of you here in Salem….funny, no, the other Salem.  For those of you who prefer a face to face shopping experience, especially a positive one, Karen at By Candlelight & Conjure is absolutely awesome.  Not only have I heard her handle a barrage of questions and answer them quickly without hard selling,  I have also heard her handle a rude customer with professionalism and kindness.  She’s real, she doesn’t try to upsell, and she’s loads of fun to talk to.  For those of you who can’t handle my vulgarity in readings, she’s also a reader and though I haven’t had a reading done by her, I trust that she’s wonderful.

There are two places online where I shop for mystical or spiritual products.  Lucky Mojo is this amazing place in Northern California run by a woman who has stirred up so much mystical energy that just driving up to the property is like going to mass at San Gabriel Mission in the old chapel on a blood moon and just sucking up that energy.  She and her employees and students make everything, the packages are generous amounts, I usually end up with the small envelopes of powders and it lasts through at least ten workings. The oils have visible herbs, spices, dog and cat hair, and the likes, and even if you just want to use the candles as decor, the labels of her products are often reproductions of vintage spiritual curio labels.  For those of us Latino practitioners out here, life is not complete without a botanica nearby.  Unfortunately, for many of us, it is at least an hour to anything resembling a botanica, hub of skin care products and miracle cures, shrines to La Muerte that touch the ceiling of a back room where you can leave a dollar, a pack of cigarettes, a bottle of tequila, for luck and love and money and sex, for curses on your ex and blessings for the dead, protection against vampires and abusive boyfriends, vengeance against bad bosses and healing your sister’s infertility.  Some of us just aren’t lucky enough to have that near them, so we have Wisdom Products, which used to be Indio Products, which has been selling aerosol cans of cherry vanilla demon be-gone for as long as I can remember.  The Los Angeles storefront is staffed with awesome bilingual employees that seem to really enjoy their jobs and their interactions with the customers.  Their online presence is a godsend….literally, to those of us who can’t get to a botanica on a regular basis.

The next local shop that I recommend is Holy Family Supply.  It’s a little shop downtown right smack dab next to a florist shop.  So you can go to Holy Family, pick up your holy card, candle, medallion and go right next door and get flowers for your offering and you have everything you need for a Catholic or Christian based ritual.  And for a non-religious one as well…

Not only is Anthony Nelson one of my oldest and dearest friends, he is also the only person that I recommend for past life readings.  He gave me a reading recently and was absolutely glorious as always.  He also sells Scentsy, games for charity and does a wicked Dr. Frank N. Furter.  He’s a busy guy and I don’t know what he charges, but whatever it is, he’s worth it.