When the wicked are confounded,
Doomed to flames of woe unbounded,
Call me with thy saints surrounded.

Dies irae


* folk saints
Basil the Great
“When someone steals another’s clothes, we call them a thief. Should we not give the same name to one who could clothe the naked and does not?”
January 1, 2, 10, 30hospital administers, reformers, educators, education, students, exorcisms, exorcists, the poor
Zdislava of LemberkJanuary 1, 4, May 30prisoners, the poor, refugees, the unhappily married, unhappy marriages, protection against abusive spouses
Defendens of ThebesJanuary 2Protection against dogs, wolves, werewolves and fires
GenevieveJanuary 3Paris and Parisians, female soldiers, women warriors, candle makers, protection against disasters, calming of anxiety or depression
Kuriakose Elias ChavaraJanuary 3Those who work in the press industry, media, literature, social reform, the poor
Angela of FolignoJanuary 4, 7widows, and petitioned for strength against sexual temptation,
Elizabeth Ann SetonJanuary 4sailors, seafarers, widows
PharaildisJanuary 4geese, childhood diseases, difficult marriage, widows, abuse victims, miracles
Raymond of PenyafortJanuary 7, 24Lawyers
John the BaptistJanuary 7, February 24, May 25, June 24, August 29, September 23hoteliers, death row inmates, bird watchers or keepers, smiths, orphans, fortune tellers, builders, tailors, printers, protection against drowning, healing, miracles, protection against storms, healer of seizure disorders
Aldric of Le MansJanuary 7counterfeiters and forgers
Gaucho Gil*January 8gauchos, protection, luck, fortune, good health, love, healing, outlaws, bravery, deserters, folk heroes, cowboys, safe travel, dance and dancers
Eurosia FabrisJanuary 8large families, parents of many children
StephenJanuary 9, August 2, December 25-27coffin makers, headaches, horses, masons
Black NazareneJanuary 9Philippines, Filipino people
Vitalis of GazaJanuary 11, April 22day laborers and prostitutes
Aelred of RievaulxJanuary 12gay men, same sex couples, sufferers of kidney stones
Benedict BiscopJanuary 12musicians and painters
Marguerite BourgeoysJanuary 12loss of parents, against poverty
Tatiana of RomeJanuary 12students
Hilary of PoitiersJanuary 13-14lawyers
MungoJanuary 13-14against bullies, patron of those who are falsely accused of infidelity
Macrina the ElderJanuary 14widows, against poverty, safe travels
Fray AndresitoJanuary 14working people, against poverty, against homelessness, blue collar workers
Ite of KilleedyJanuary 15Ireland, pregnancy, eye disease or ailments
MaurusJanuary 15, November 22rheumatism, epilepsy, gout, hoarseness, cold, charcoal burners, cobblers, showemakers, those who suffer from crippling ailments or injuries
AmaroJanuary 15rheumatism, joint pain, ailments of the joints, arthritis
BlaiseJanuary 15, February 3 and 11animals, builders, drapers, choking, veterinarians, throats, infants, stone cutters, carvers, wool workers
Joseph VazJanuary 16Sri Lanka
Honoratus of ArlesJanuary 16, May 5against drought, misfortune, rain and also invoked to cause rainfall
AcaciusJanuary 16, May 8soldiers, headaches, the dying or terminally ill
Anthony of the DesertJanuary 17skin diseases, ergotism, infectious diseases, shingles, basket makers, brush makers, grave diggers, banishing house guests, animals, especially pigs, pig farmers, bakers, butchers, cemetery workers, hermits and those who want to be left alone, firefighters, bell ringers, bell makers
Gamelbert of MichaelsbuchJanuary 17birds
Amy CarmichaelJanuary 18prostitutes, girls, women
DeicolusJanuary 18sick children, childhood illnesses
WulfstanJanuary 19vegetarians and dieters
SebastianJanuary 20 Deceber 18soldiers, contagious diseases, archers, good death, athletes, healing, AIDS, luck, good fortune, LGBTQ folks, writers, poets, to bring same sex lover or partner
Agnes of RomeJanuary 21, 28engaged couples, gardeners, against infidelity, against betrayal, young women, rape victims of any gender, divination, mystical work
Meinrad of EinsiedelnJanuary 21hospitality
Vincent of SaragossaJanuary 22, November 11vinegar makers, wine makers, students
Marianne CopeJanuary 23, April 15Lepers, outcasts, AIDS
Urban of LangresJanuary 23gardeners and anyone involved with wine as a career or hobby, as well as petitioned to heal alcoholism
EmerentianaJanuary 23stomach problems
CadocJanuary 24, September 25those who are hunger, against hunger, deafness, glandular disorders
Francis de Sales
“Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself.  Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them – every day begin the task anew.”
January 24, 29deaf people, educators, writers, journalists
DwynwenJanuary 25lovers, love, petitioned to encourage a proposal of marriage
Paula of RomeJanuary 26widows, monks, nuns
TimothyJanuary 22, 24, 26stomach and intestinal disorders
Angela MericiJanuary 27, May 31, June 1sickness, people with disabilities, loss of parents
DevotaJanuary 27those who live, work and travel on the water
John ChrysostomJanuary 27, 30, September 13, 14, November 13education, epilepsy, lecturers, orators, preachers
SavaJanuary 14, 27Serbia
Julian of CuencaJanuary 28rain, basket weavers
Thomas AquinasJanuary 28, March 7academics, storms, lightning, book sellers, schools, chastity, learning, philosophers, pencil makers, publishers, scholars, students, theologians
Aquilinus of MilanJanuary 29hotel employees
GildasJanuary 29historians
JuniperJanuary 29charity, generosity, mercy
Blath of KildareJanuary 29those who cook for a living, especially those who cook for schools, institutions, prisons, churches, fire stations, etc.
AldegondeJanuary 30breast cancer, open wounds, eye disorders, childhood illnesses, possession, sudden death
HippolytusJanuary 30, August 13horses, equestrians
Martina of RomeJanuary 30Rome, nursing mothers
Mahatma Gandhi*January 30India, civil disobedience, civil rights, activists
BathildJanuary 30women, widows, children, the sick, kidnap victims
John BoscoJanuary 31editors, publishers, schoolchildren, young people, magicians, mystical practitioners, juvenile delinquents
Candelaria de San JoseFebruary 1nurses
Brigid of KildareFebruary 1 babies, blacksmiths, chicken farmers, children whose parents are not married, children in abusive households, dairy workers, fugitives, infants, midwives, mariners, poets, poor, printers, sailors, travelers, maids, fertility, healing, prosperity, generosity, kindness, divination, women
AmandFebruary 1, 6bartenders, brewers, wine merchants, anyone who works in the production or sale of wine and liquor, those who run bed and breakfasts, inns, airb&b
ViridianaFebruary 1, 16protection from fire, snakes and evil spirits
Our Lady of Akitadeafness, deaf people, those with hearing loss
Our Lady of Banneux (Our Lady of the Poor)

“Believe in me and I will believe in you”
January 15against poverty, against suffering
Our Lady of BeauraingNovember 29
Our Lady of Cabezaparalysis, joint pain
Our Lady of Caravaggio
Our Lady of China
Our Lady of SheshanMay 24China, Chinese people
Our Lady of FatimaMay 13
Our Lady of GuadalupeMexico, Mexican people, the Americas
Our Lady of Good Health (Our Lady of Valankanni)September 8India, healing
Our Lady of Good HelpWisconsin
Our Lady of KibehoRwanda, psychics, visions, fortune tellers
Our Lady of KnockIreland, healing
Our Lady of La SaletteFrance, Massachusetts, children
Our Lady of La VangVietnam
Our Lady of LausLaus, shepherds, perfumers
Our Lady of LourdesFebruary 11France, the sick, protection from disease
Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

“God wishes to charge you with a mission. You will be contradicted, but do not fear; you will have the grace to do what is necessary. “
special requests, miracles, special graces, architects, miners, prisoners, the penitent, the impenitent
Our Lady of Mount CarmelJuly 16protection from dangerous situations and harm in any manner, deliverance from purgatory or from any situation which you do not know which path to take
Our Lady of the PillarOctober 12Numerous countries as well as healing and miracles
Our Lady of the SnowsAugust 5miracles, couples with no children, charity, safety in winter or snow
Our Lady of VallarpadamSeptember 24India, social reform, human rights activists
Our Lady of WalsinghamSeptember 24 October 15
Our Lady of Zeitoun