Dear Death, I honestly don't think you're funny. I mean yes, you personally are funny, but the job you have. Well. Yeah. Totes not funny. I suppose that one could say the same thing about any job. I made a joke today, that Mom had loved The Cars so much that she fucking stole Ocasek, … Continue reading 09/16/2019


Today is one of the many feast days of the goddess Guanyin, she who perceives the sounds of the world, the sorrows, the cries, the anguish. I just happen to be having an emotionally and spiritually rough day. Part of it is my lovely menopause of course, and part is the socio-political climate of the … Continue reading Mercy

Sister Aimee

No matter how much I shit talk many of the spiritual advisors, teachers, leaders of the world, there are some that I just really love. One of my most beloved spiritual leaders from history happens to be Aimee Semple McPherson. The founder of the Foursquare Church, the creator of the Angelus Temple, and the subject … Continue reading Sister Aimee


after all of the work that Anne Boleyn put into making sure that she was queen, rather than royal mistress, it must have been a blow, not so much that her psychotic husband was having her put to death, but that he had the marriage annulled a few days before her murder. sometimes it feels … Continue reading annulment


I recently noticed a crisis of faith, not in the gods, the spirits, anything like that. It's a growing crisis of faith in humanity, that which I have loved so dearly, all of my life. I guess I don't understand. I've never wanted to be mean to people, to animals, I don't want to tear … Continue reading reflection

Marked Down

I've had enough friends, family and clients that pull this shit, that I know it by heart. You got involved with someone whose red flags seemed pink because you didn't bother taking your rose-colored glasses off. You figured that when they said that they didn't want to be exclusive, that they didn't really want a … Continue reading Marked Down

and then…

my paternal grandmother had already begun teaching at the young age of sixteen, when my grandfather, whose first wife was dying, saw her and told her father that he was going to be his next wife. She didn't teach anymore, she bore children and pretended to be better off than she was, just so that … Continue reading and then…