Hi there! My name is Mikki and I am Not Your Mama’s Minister!

My job is to help you figure out if your path is really yours, to figure out if you’re just trudging along on a path chosen for you, or if you’re using all of the spiritual tools that you’ve been given, those that are already within you.

I am an ordained minister, a fortune teller, spiritual advisor and psychic counselor, a bruja, curandera, and a potty-mouthed stoner living in the Pacific Northwest.

This website is mostly an NSFW one, I don’t shy away from topics or language which are considered NSFW by most workplaces. Turn the volume down on my videos, I’m likely dropping the F-bomb.

I am a working fortune teller/tarot reader/spiritual counselor.

Welcome. I look forward to feeling up your glorious soul!

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